Chicago SEO

First Step:
Be honest and take a serious look at the amount of business you are missing out on every single day because you’re not at the top of the search engine rankings. Estimated traffic for local search terms are easy to find through free Google tools, and those estimates are just for Google: they don’t even apply to local searches on Yahoo or Bing, which add more traffic. When you know the amount of traffic for keywords that are relevant to your business; and realize how much traffic those top spots get (and the numbers will almost always be lower than reality), you can begin to estimate and see just how many visitors you’re missing out on, and how much potential profit is being lost as a result, as well.

Second Step:
Make sure your marketing is just that: good marketing and not blanket advertising. You don’t want a shotgun and pray approach, but a strategy that puts out your business and your website as the clear solution to the problems that your customers have. You don’t just want your main site getting attention; you want YouTube videos, social media accounts, and positive press also appearing throughout the search engine rankings.

Third Step:
When you dominate the search engine rankings in your local area for all your most important keywords, you get to watch the customers (and the money) roll in. Who doesn’t enjoy that part of the process?

You Want To Dominate Online Marketing

The businesses at the top of the search engines are scooping up vast numbers of customers, and they can tell when they gain a spot, or when they lose it. On page one any of those top three to five spots have plenty of traffic and those lead to phone calls, appointments, orders, and customers. Why just get by when you can be dominating your new industry?

There are entire advertising and marketing companies who work to get even a fraction of the results that are truly good SEO, and Internet Marketing campaign can provide. One of the benefits of having an excellent Chicago SEO Service on your side is the fact that they know how to do localized keyword searches, and will find longtail keywords; or search terms related to your business that are easy to rank for that you might not have thought of – or might not have understood just how profitable they really are.

The riches are there. The potential is there. The key is finding an affordable solution to make sure that you are getting the traffic, the customers, and the business instead of your competition. You need to get on top because let’s face it: it’s easier staying on top as market throws itself at you than it is to try climbing the competition.

Modern Companies Need Full-Service SEO

It’s not an exaggeration to say that many, and maybe even most, business owners don’t understand how search engines work at all. It’s easy to figure out since it’s not their business – they’re focusing on doing what they do well. Because of this, however, many businesses also don’t have any concept of just how many customers are looking around online for products and services and how that could completely change their business for the better.

The best providers not only push your website up, but they focus on your LinkedIn pages, your Facebook page or Twitter profile, on promoting positive news stories – any profile or website that pushes you and your business further up the SERPs. The more you’re out there, and the better everything ranks, the more results you will be able to provide, and that means more traffic and more customers. That’s a happy bottom line.

Search Engine Optimization

The overriding rule for SEO in Chicago is to give the search engines what they want. There are ways to manipulate rankings and get short-term success, but in the long run, the best agencies know how to move your site and your profiles up the rankings and bring in that extra traffic. Your business success proves the actual success of the SEO agency working to get you that traffic.

SEO Equals Online Market Domination

Being able to perform SEO is hard enough no matter where you, but when you’re searching for customers in the main urban areas like Chicago, you can’t rely on a couple of talented freelancers. You need to have an entire agency behind you that knows how to take on the particular challenges that come with a very highly competitive urban area. No matter what industry you are in, people are going to look for you online first. You need to dominate that keyword related to your industry if you want to be one of the big names in the Chicago area.

Who should you trust? You need a company with experience in a blend of web design, SEO, social media marketing, and even reputation management. These services often go hand in hand, and the more one business can provide, the better a blueprint they can give to get the results you want.

Any company in the SEO market should be able to give you a long list of references and recommendations, and quickly point to past plans that have worked or previously clients. They should be able to type in some local keywords and show you the results right on there. This track record is critical because many professionals can talk a good talk, but choosing the wrong Chicago SEO Company not only keeps you from succeeding, but they can easily make things worse.

How We Work

The first step starts with seeing where you are. Any current website is analyzed, and the history of the site and the URL is also checked out to make sure there are no penalties or other issues you might not know about. We saw where you are at, take a look at where you want to be and make a solid plan to see what that requires.

Sometimes this means jumping into marketing campaigns, content management, and creating backlinks but in other situations, this means undoing the work of previous inexperienced SEO “professionals” or taking on negative SEO that competition might have taken against your website.

After evaluating your site and your rankings, we take a look at the competition, the markets, and the primary keywords. This does not only involve SEO rankings, but it also involves the social media side of things. The two are often somewhat related, if not strongly related, and once we have a good look at all the low hanging fruit and all the easy to grab rankings, we start with those and then start campaigns that are customized and specifically focused on your website, your industry, and how to get your website where it needs to be.

Let’s face it: there is no one size fits all blueprint, or else anyone would be able to do this.

Ask About Packages

Excellent local packages involve ranking for certain cities, getting the full range of corrected and proper listings in directories, and taking care of anything that needs to be cleaned up before even running a PPC program if that is the next step you want to take. There are many different web properties out there, and we can even use YouTube videos and all out online media blitzes to get the job done. Our Chicago SEO Expert knows how to tackle even the most challenging of jobs, and we can get a company in even an ultra-competitive field in a big city like Chi-Town.

Just ask us what might be best for you!

What Can You Do To Find A Good SEO Company?

Before you look into hiring a search engine optimization professional, you need to know what makes a Chicago SEO Expert tick. The key here is to make sure you do research on the matter carefully. Once you can do that, you’ll be able to see results without too much of an issue.

To make sure that you’re working with a company that has good customer service skills, you’re going to want to look for reviews on them. It’s pretty easy to do so, just type in their name on a search engine website and the word reviews. This helps you to find what people have been saying about the online marketing professionals so you can get in on what to expect. A review is best if it is current and from a year or less ago. If you find older reviews, they may not be true any longer and should be avoided.

A company that does search engine optimization should have a website where they showcase their various past jobs or, at least, a website that is doing well in search engine results. When you look at websites made by a digital marketing company, you’re going to want to use a keyword analysis tool to help you figure out what on the page contains keywords that you can then look up online. When you do so, you’re going to be able to see if they rank well or if the company shouldn’t be worked with. Of course, if they have reference sites that are fairly old, those website owners may not have been keeping up with SEO.

Keywords are going to need to be researched properly before you start putting them into your content. A lot of the time you will find that keywords you first think to try are far too hard to break into rankings with because so many other well-established websites already are using them on everything they have online. It’s better to have lesser known keywords scattered throughout your content instead of just banking on one that may or may not meet the needs you have.

Chicago SEO

Updating your website often is key if you want to get as much traffic as possible. Search engines tend to put up the most recently updated results in the higher spots because it gives people information that is up to date and likely to be clicked on. You’ll want to make sure that you try updating your pages regularly, even if it’s to make minor changes to what they say. Then you can expect to stay a lot longer in the results, so you’re not just leaving your pages to stagnate over time which causes them to get ignored.

Always have content read through and make sure you know the keyword density for any text you put on your website. Search for a density tool and then you can see how much of a percent there is of a word within content online. Once you figure this out, all you have to do is make sure that you delete anything over a few percentage points, so that way you’re not penalized for keyword stuffing. Search engines all have different rules, so look up what the ones you want to put content on are doing to rank websites before you decide to put your content up.

Try to get your website updated by the Chicago SEO company of your choice on a regular basis. If you do not do this, then you may run a risk of the search engine changing its algorithm causing your ranking to fall. If you notice that your website is getting less traffic, look up news on search engine optimization to see if anything has changed in recent weeks. If so, you can hire a company to update your pages and get you back on track, so it’s always useful to keep up with your website’s stats.

The right search engine optimization company will help your website rank well without too much of an issue. They need to be found through you using these pieces of advice. Only then are you going to be aware of whether or not they are the right company to work with.

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